Other than mergers, what are the key factors driving growth in law firms today? In last year’s research report, “The Dating Game for Law Firms” by Fox Williams and Byfield  Consultancy, 95 per cent of managing partners at the UK’s leading law firms forecasted major consolidation at the top end of the sector over the next two years. 

Our new research project investigates the alternatives to merger to achieve growth. Are firms putting their faith in team moves and international alliances? Are new ways of working making their way up the agenda? What role does technology play in fulfilling strategic ambitions? 

The research will canvass the views of the UK top 200 law firms and the results will help inform the debate about the future of today’s law firms. Like “The Dating Game for Law Firms”, this year’s final report will provide important market intelligence for managing partners and boards. 

We are very excited about this research and look forward to launching the results with a high profile round-table event.

If your firm would like to participate in the research, please contact Natalie Cush at natalie@byfieldconsultancy.com

Gus Sellitto 

Managing Director